Some things shouldn’t change. Like our Indiana heritage and values. Our pride in conservation and stewardship of the land. And the protection of our Second Amendment and hunting rights. We pass them from generation to generation, taking pride in our traditions.

But over his 36 years in Washington, Dick Lugar HAS changed…away from our shared values. He claimed to be a strong supporter of our rights when he first came to Washington. Now, he votes for gun bans (Senate Vote 375, 11/17/1993, Senate Vote 24, 03/02/2004). He’s voted for a hunting ban (Vote 87, 4/12/1994). And he’s voted against strengthening your right to defend yourself when you’re traveling away from home. (Vote 237, 7/22/2009).  He also voted to confirm both of Barack Obama’s anti-gun nominees to the U.S. Supreme Court. (Vote 262, 8/6/2009 and Vote 229, 8/5/2010).  He’s become the only Republican candidate in Indiana with an “F” rating from the NRA.



Here are some of the highlights of 
Senator Lugar’s anti-gun record:

  • He voted to confirm both Elena Kagan, and Sonya Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, one of only four Republican Senators to vote for both. (Vote 262, 8/6/2009, and Vote 229, 8/5/2010) 
  • He voted to reinstate the ban on commonly owned semi-automatic rifles. (Vote 24, 03/02/2004). He voted for the original semi-automatic firearm ban. (Vote 375, 11/17/1993) 
  • He voted for passage of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) in 2004 only after the semi-auto ban and gun show regulations had been added to the bill, making it unacceptable. (Vote 30, 3/2/2004). In 2005, he also voted for PLCAA, but he also supported a gutting amendment that failed. (Vote 208, 7/28/2005)
  •  He voted for the Brady bill. (Vote 394, 11/20/1993) 
  • He voted for campaign finance reform. (Vote 64, 4/2/2001)
  • He voted for legislation to regulate gun shows out of existence. (Vote 111, 5/20/1999, Vote 134, 5/20/1999 and Vote 25, 3/2/2004)
  • He voted to ban the importation of standard capacity magazines. (Vote 240, 7/28/1998, Vote 116, 5/13/1999) 
  • He voted to mandate that a trigger lock be included with every handgun. (Vote 17, 2/26/2004) 
  • He voted against interstate right to carry reciprocity. (Vote 237, 7/22/2009) 
  • He voted against a bill to restore the Second Amendment rights to DC residents. (Vote 160, 2/26/2009) 
  • He voted to commend the "Million Mom March", which has called for gun registration, gun show restrictions, and the semi-auto ban. (Vote 104, 5/17/2000) 
  • He voted to ban using the Internet to list a firearms for sale for anyone other than licensed dealers. (Vote 119, 5/14/1999 He voted to ban hunting in the Mojave National Monument. (Vote 87, 4/12/1994)  

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