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Federal and State Primary Elections
Tuesday, May 20
Early voting starts 12 (or more) working days before the election and ends on election day. Valid excuse required.


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General Election

Attention Kentucky! Vote YES on the Constitutional Right to Hunt & Fish!

This Constitutional Amendment will protect our hunting heritage from attacks initiated by well-funded anti-hunting activists who have assailed sportsmen throughout the country in recent years. In addition, it specifies that wildlife management decisions will be based on sound science, not the emotions of animal "rights" extremists.

All Kentuckians need to vote YES on this constitutional amendment. This protection is essential to protect wildlife and promote conservation; efforts that sportsmen have spearheaded for generations.

Don't let animal "rights" radicals invade Kentucky and destroy the state's diverse and flourishing wildlife populations!

For more info, visit www.NRAILA.org/RighttoHuntKY.


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