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On Tuesday, November 4, there is an important election for Governor of New Hampshire, and your gun rights and inherent right to self-defense are on the line.  Maggie Hassan is NO friend of the Second Amendment.  As a state Senator, she voted against legislation that would eliminate the "duty to retreat" from a criminal attack, even in your home.

The Castle Doctrine is a simple concept, as old as the phrase "your home is your castle." But in New Hampshire, up until 2006, a resident had a legal "duty to retreat" from a criminal attack. So if a thug kicked down your door, you had a legal duty to run instead of defending yourself and your loved ones. 

When the legislature debated making the Castle Doctrine the law, and removing "duty to retreat," Maggie Hassan voted no. And when the governor vetoed the bill, she also voted against the veto override. That's twice that she voted to force you to flee from criminals in your own home. 

That's not all. Hassan also opposed removing the "duty to retreat" for people confronted by criminals in public.

Maggie Hassan has also said she favors a ban on millions of commonly-owned firearms that are used by citizens of New Hampshire for hunting, target shooting and self-defense. Maggie Hassan doesn’t represent New Hampshire values.  She is wrong on your Second Amendment rights and she is WRONG for New Hampshire.



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