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Make no mistake about it, Governor Andrew Cuomo is anti-gun and actively seeks to diminish Second Amendment rights in New York and throughout the nation.

Time and time again, pro-gun citizens in New York are confronted with a condescending disregard for their constitutional rights by political elitists like Governor Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo wanted to be first. He wanted the "toughest gun-control laws in the nation" and actively sought to massively restrict the constitutional rights of New York's citizens. The record is clear, Governor Andrew Cuomo cannot be trusted with your Second Amendment rights. For these reasons and more, Governor Andrew Cuomo has earned an "F" rating from NRA-PVF:


Anti-Gun: Red

GOVERNOR CUOMO signed an amicus brief as Attorney General for New York that supported Washington, D.C.’s handgun ban in the landmark Heller case.

Anti-Gun: Red

GOVERNOR CUOMO supported frivolous lawsuits against the gun industry as HUD Director.

Anti-Gun: Red

GOVERNOR CUOMO is responsible for one of the largest gun bans in the history of New York State – the SAFE Act, passed in the middle of the night with no public input

Anti-Gun: Red

GOVERNOR CUOMO went on public radio in January 2014 and said those who are pro assault weapon and anti SAFE Act are “extreme conservatives” and have no place in New York.

Anti-Gun: Red

GOVERNOR CUOMO banned scores of commonly-owned hunting guns by classifying them as “assault weapons.”  For example, a turkey hunting shotgun with a thumbhole stock in now officially classified as an assault weapon and banned.

Anti-Gun: Red

GOVERNOR CUOMO created a registration scheme that is designed to do one thing, confiscate firearms.  Under the semi-auto firearm registration law, guns cannot be transferred in-state, even to family members.  The gun must be surrendered to the state police or sold out-of-state. 

Anti-Gun: Red

GOVERNOR CUOMO  supports the building of a background check system for ammunition that will cost billions of dollars, and is currently unworkable.

Anti-Gun: Red

GOVERNOR CUOMO's SAFE Act has driven manufacturing jobs out of New York State with several large manufacturers relocating to states like Alabama and Pennsylvania.  

Anti-Gun: Red

GOVERNOR CUOMO has even bigger designs for taking away guns if re-elected.  Gun shows will be a thing of the past and those fortunate enough to have guns will be forced to keep them under lock and key.

Anti-Gun: Red

GOVERNOR CUOMO decommissioned his own ethics panel, the Moreland Commission, when they started looking at corruption inside the Governor’s office.

Anti-Gun: Red

GOVERNOR CUOMO supported the 7 round magazine restriction, an arbitrary law which was ultimately overturned by the Western New York District Court. The overturned ruling forced the state to revert back to the existing 10 round limitation.  New York is only one of about six states that have a magazine restriction at all, and the state’s limit is one of the most restrictive magazine limits in the country. The courts agreed with Second Amendment supporters that Cuomo's unconstitutional magazine limit was arbitrary.

For more information on the pro-Second Amendment and NRA endorsed candidate, Rob Astorino, visit and remember to vote Rob Astorino for New York Governor on Tuesday, November 4!


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