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Vote Freedom First. Vote Sheriff Joe Lombardo For Nevada Governor!


Endorsed by NRA-PVF

Earned NRAs Endorsement
Sheriff Joe Lombardo earned  NRA-PVF's endorsement because he's committed to protecting the Second Amendment from those who want to erode it or repeal it.

Opposes Firearm Registration
Sheriff Joe Lombardo strongly opposes firearm registration and worked to repeal Clark County’s blue card handgun registration scheme.

Supports Your Fundamental Right to Self-Defense
Sheriff Joe Lombardo stands with law-abiding gun owners who want to protect themselves and their families.

Opposes Bans
Sheriff Joe Lombardo vigorously opposes gun, magazine and ammunition bans.

Opposes Anti-Gun Politicians
Sheriff Joe Lombardo strongly opposes the Sisolak/Biden radical gun control agenda of confiscating firearms.

A Leader For Nevada
Sheriff Joe Lombardo will work to increase resources for mental health and school security while bringing violent criminals to justice.

Supports Nevada’s Hunting Heritage
Sheriff Joe Lombardo is a hunter and recognizes the positive contributions that sportsmen and women make to wildlife conservation. Joe supports increasing access for hunting and shooting opportunities—benefiting sportsmen and women throughout Nevada.

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Defend Freedom. Defeat Steve Sisolak.


Steve Sisolak is “F” rated by NRA-PVF

Earned NRA’s Worst Rating
Steve Sisolak earned an “F” rating from NRA-PVF for his radical anti-gun positions.

Supports Bans
Steve Sisolak proudly supports gun and magazine bans. When asked if gun bans were on the table, Sisolak responded, “Everything is on the table as far as I’m concerned.”

Supports Criminalizing Private Transfers
Steve Sisolak supports criminalizing the private transfer of firearms, which is only enforceable through a federal firearm registration.

Endorsed By Gun Control Groups
Steve Sisolak is supported by extreme national gun control groups that want to dismantle our constitutional freedoms and right to self-defense.


The NRA Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) is NRA's political action committee. The NRA-PVF ranks political candidates — irrespective of party affiliation — based on voting records, public statements and their responses to an NRA-PVF questionnaire.