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South Dakota: Out-Of-State Funded Ballot Measure to Force Taxpayers to Fund Election Campaigns
South Dakota: Out-Of-State Funded Ballot Measure to Force Taxpayers to Fund Election Campaigns

On the 2016 General Election ballot is Ballot Measure 22, an out-of-state funded measure that seeks to “reform” South Dakota election laws into a flawed model that is ripe for abuse and corruption.  Ballot Measure 22 is sponsored by Former Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senate, Rick Weiland, who co-chairs South Dakotans for Ethics Reform.  This coalition has received over $250,000 from a Massachusetts Political Action Committee in support of enacting Ballot Measures in South Dakota, including Ballot Measure 22.

If approved, this measure would prevent organizations, such as the NRA, from communicating to South Dakotans about political issues without disclosing personal and private information of their members and donors.  Ballot Measure 22 seeks to make it more difficult for organizations like the NRA to inform gun owners and sportsmen of its opposition or support of ballot measures and candidates in South Dakota.

Further, Ballot Measure 22 would impose an annual state general-fund appropriation from taxpayers in order to fund candidates’ campaigns.  You read that right!  Ballot Measure 22 would force taxpayer money to be used for election campaigns in South Dakota.  Attorney General Marty Jackley has even commented that, “if approved, the measure may be challenged in court on constitutional grounds.”

Early voting is already underway!  When you go to the polls, be sure to VOTE NO ON BALLOT MEASURE 22!  Encourage your friends, family and fellow South Dakotans to do the same.

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