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Re-elect Justice David Prosser to the Wisconsin Supreme Court

Thursday, March 31, 2011

On Tuesday, April 5, a statewide election will be held in Wisconsin. Your National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund ( has endorsed the Honorable Justice David Prosser for re-election to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Justice David Prosser has earned an "A" rating and NRA-PVF's endorsement for his consistent support and defense of our Right to Keep and Bear Arms as guaranteed in the Wisconsin Constitution.  In two major cases dealing with your right to possess a firearm for self-defense, Justice Prosser concurred with the court's decision supporting essential individual liberties.  These cases were decided by the slimmest majority, one which may not continue to exist without his continued presence on the bench.  

We need to preserve the integrity of this court and keep in place a Justice who has a proven record of supporting our rights to own and possess firearms for self-defense.  These important issues already have and will continue to be debated in Madison this session and when gun owners are successful in getting a concealed carry law, one can be almost certain the law will be legally challenged by the anti-gunners.  Justice Prosser's opponent has in no way tried to hide her anti-freedom beliefs or positions and we must do everything we can to prevent a shift in the court at such a critical time in this state's history. That's why this election is so critical.  Justice David Prosser is a strong supporter of our constitutional rights and he needs your vote and support to win.

If you are a registered voter, you are eligible to participate in this election!  Be sure to spread the word to your family, friends and fellow gun owners to vote David Prosser for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice on Tuesday, April 5!  

To learn more about Justice David Prosser or volunteer to help his campaign, please visit:

Wisconsin Supreme Court

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