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California: Help Fight Prop 63

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

California: Help Fight Prop 63

The NRA, CRPA, and a host of other civil rights groups and police associations have been working together to fight against Gavin Newsom’s Prop 63 for the past 11 months.

Because California’s campaign finance laws severely limit the spending that can be done directly by or in the name of non-profit membership organizations like NRA and CRPA.  The NRA, CRPA, and other groups formed a separate “recipient committee,” also known as a political action committee (PAC), called the Coalition for Civil Liberties.

The Coalition for Civil Liberties PAC is a diverse group of civil rights and law enforcement organizations that have come together in a unified effort to fight against Proposition 63.  Members come from across the political spectrum, and include sheriffs, other law enforcement personnel, prosecutors, gun owners, Olympic target shooters, LGBT groups, and others who believe in the right to choose to own a firearm for sport or self-defense.  To learn more visit

Because the campaign finance laws limit direct spending by non-profit associations, the NRA, CRPA, and other coalition members have been helping the Coalition for Civil Liberties PAC raise money directly. That’s why NRA and CRPA members have been seeing member communications asking them to donate directly to the Coalition for Civil Liberties PAC.  Every dollar raised by the Coalition for Civil Liberties is being spent in the fight against Prop 63.    

In addition to video and ad production and an extraordinary push of messages through all social media outlets in the state, the Coalition has been mobilizing a ground force of people in committees of volunteers – to organize their local communities to distribute literature and conduct phone banks prior to the election.  The Coalition is marshalling ordinary citizens to educate voters on what Proposition 63 is really about, because an informed electorate is an effective electorateSo the Coalition has been asking everyone to follow it on social media, share, and forward those posts.  You can volunteer at [email protected]

During the past legislative session, the Democratic leadership in Sacramento rammed through a set of new laws that essentially duplicated Prop 63.  In other words, even if Prop 63 doesn’t pass, most of its provisions have already become law.  You can learn about those laws through webinars that the NRA and CRPA have produced, which are posted at  The NRA and CRPA are planning to file lawsuits challenging many of those new laws.

Beyond this election, the NRA and CRPA will continue our ongoing efforts to mobilize, educate and fight for the rights of California’s law-abiding gun owners, and to engage those gun owners in the fight.

So please get informed and involved.  Join the Coalition for Civil Liberties and stayed tuned to your NRA-ILA alerts.  Working together, we can begin to regain our freedoms in California.



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