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Oklahoma 2A Rights Are on the Line, Especially with “F” Rated Joy Hofmeister

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Oklahoma 2A Rights Are on the Line, Especially with “F” Rated Joy Hofmeister

Oklahomans cannot afford to vote for an “F” rated candidate for their Governor! Please vote for “A+” rated Gov. Stitt, on or before November 8th.  Like many anti-2A politicians, Joy Hofmeister, claims she would "protect" the Second Amendment but has no intention of doing so. She supports criminalizing private firearm transfers, laws that would not allow 20-year-old adults to be able to buy firearms, and an arbitrary three-day waiting period between buying a gun and taking it home, even after passing a background check! For these reasons, the NRA-PVF has given Hofmeister an “F” rating for the 2022 election. 

A top issue for Hofmeister is to enact “common sense gun laws,” which do nothing to promote public safety. It is a slick way to say gun control. We have all seen it before, but common sense isn’t common. Your vote and voice have the power to stop Oklahoma from eroding its law-abiding citizens’ Second Amendment rights!

Gov. Kevin Stitt, on the other hand, has demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to protecting the rights of Oklahomans. On the campaign trail, he promised to support constitutional carry after the previous Governor vetoed it. The very first bill he signed as Governor was HB 2597, which restored the rights of Oklahomans to exercise their right to keep and bear arms without government permission or fees. "Oklahomans are strong supporters of the Second Amendment, and they made their voice known as I traveled across all 77 counties last year," said Stitt after the bill signing. Since then, he has signed numerous other pro-gun bills and has earned an “A+” rating from NRA-PVF for the 2022 election. Governor Stitt made a promise to Oklahomans and he kept it. All freedom-loving Oklahomans need to get out and vote because a vote for Governor Stitt is a vote for freedom!

Be sure to exercise your right to vote on or before Tuesday, November 8th, to support candidates who respect and value the Second Amendment.  Remember, this vote will protect your rights and the rights of future generations of Oklahomans.

Please don’t forget to encourage your family, friends, and fellow gun owners to do the same! Check for the latest grades and endorsements.

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